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Elder Financial Abuse: How You Can Help

According to the National Council on Aging, “estimates of elder financial abuse and fraud costs to older Americans range from $2.6 billion to $36.5 billion annually.”   If you suspect someone may be a victim of elder financial abuse, you should report it to protect the safety and health of the person you are concerned about. […]

6 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

When it comes to your credit score, there’s almost always room for improvement. If you’ve pulled your score and you’re not satisfied with the number you received, there are several strategies to boost it. But first, you need a little insight into how that score is calculated. Five major categories are used to determine your […]

Teaching Kids the Basics of Money

Have you ever asked yourself, “When should I start teaching my kids about finances?”   While there’s no right answer to this question, a good place to start is whenever they have developed fundamental math skills. This is typically between the second and fourth grade.   The goal when beginning to teach your child about […]

April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month

  Financial Literacy Awareness Month is observed nationwide by a variety of organizations. People all over the U.S. host educational events and activities throughout the month of April to promote the importance of financial literacy – especially to our nation’s youth.   In recognition of Financial Literacy Month, we would like to share some tips […]

Saving Money for Vacation

  Vacations are a wonderful time to relax on a beach, enjoy a cruise, or stroll through a new city. But one of the best parts is not having to stress over how to pay for it.   The first step for any vacation is to identify your budget. By planning out your finances, you […]


Just like visiting a doctor, it’s important to review and evaluate your finances so you can ensure the healthiest relationship with your money. A financial check-up will give you more confidence in your finances and allow you to have more control over where your money is going. If you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed or unsure […]

‘Tis The Season For Scams

It ‘tis the season… for fraud. Did you know “about half of consumers who said they’ve been targeted by an online holiday shopping or phishing scheme ended up getting scammed, according to a new survey by Norton, a seller of cybersecurity software? Respondents who fell victim to scammers lost an average of $1,500,” it said […]

5 Money Savings Tips for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and financially responsible! While the holiday season is a time of merriment and joy, the extra expenses – shopping, travel, events, gifts, etc. – can also bring financial strain and added stress to those who aren’t prepared. If you are looking to save money this holiday season, you’ve come to the […]