Consumer Lending

Consumer Lending

When meeting your financial goals requires sound lending advice, the Bank of St. Croix is ready to serve you. Our professional loan officers will help you determine which of our consumer loan products will best suit your needs.

Automobile Loan

Whether it’s a new car, truck, sport utility vehicle or convertible, let the Bank of St. Croix handle your financing. You will get a great rate and in most cases, check in hand the same day.

Want a little added value? Receive a ¼ percent discount if your payment is automatically deducted from a Bank of St. Croix deposit account. You save time not having to write a monthly check and you avoid late payments.

Savings Account/Share Loan

A Savings Account or Share Loan is a loan against a deposit account at the bank. The savings instrument is used as security for the loan (IRA accounts are not eligible to use as collateral for a loan.) Savings Account Loans can be secured for amounts of at least $500.00.

The maximum loan amount is 100% of the balance in the collateralized account. Only one Savings Account Loan per deposit account is allowed.

Payments may be set up on a quarterly interest basis, or may be set up with monthly principal and interest payments. With the Savings Account Loan, there are no prepayment penalties.

Personal Line of Credit

The Bank of St. Croix offers their customers the convenience and flexibility of their own Personal Line of Credit. The Personal Line of Credit is attached to the customers individual checking account and is accessed whenever the customer completes a transaction greater than their checking account balance.

With a fixed interest rate, the Personal Line of Credit offers a very competitive alternative to small loan financing at loan companies.

Disclaimer: Products may vary by region.