2020 Hurricane Disaster Information

The 2020 Hurricane season is well underway and Bank of St. Croix would like to share some important tips to assist our customers and the Virgin Islands community with your financial preparedness in the event of a major storm.

  • It is recommended that you withdraw a reasonable amount of cash prior to the suspension of banking services once a storm watch or warning advisory has been issued. This will ensure that you are able to purchase basic goods and services as there could be limits on withdrawals following the resumption of banking services, interruptions to the availability of ATM’s due to communication issues or changes to banking hours in the immediate aftermath of any serious inclement weather.
  • Once you are able to communicate via the internet you will be able to access account information through our automated phone banking system at (844) 381-2265 and complete certain banking transactions through our Online Banking platform by utilizing a laptop, personal computer, tablet or mobile device. You may also call United Fidelity Bank’s mainland banking center at (800)280-8280 for direct assistance.
  • Lending clients who are impacted as a result of a storm will be offered various options based on their individual situation. The Bank of St. Croix may also make other disaster-related programs available.
  • Electronic transactions including direct deposits or automatic payments will occur as scheduled even if the local banking offices are closed for regular business.

We will continue to share hours of operation, disaster contingency plans and other important updates at www.bankofstcroix.com, on our Facebook page, via announcements on the local radio stations and with the office of the Lt. Governor.

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